King Khalid Award

Celebrating excellence

The King Khalid Award honours people, organisations and initiatives solving complex social challenges with creativity and skill, and empowers others to follow in their footsteps.


For more than a decade, the award has recognised and celebrated excellence in the fields of corporate sustainability, nonprofit management, and social innovation within Saudi Arabia. Its spotlight has not only encouraged the rise of sustainable business practices, but also illuminated the vital role played by individual changemakers and the nonprofit sector in transforming Saudi society for the better.

The award is both a champion and driver of social change. All applicants that enter the award benefit from expert, tailored analysis of their organisational capabilities, to identify strengths and shortfalls and examine how to improve their outcomes. This bespoke scorecard is paired with learning opportunities and specialist support, which together empowers organisations to innovate, improve and evolve. King Khalid Award winners describe the application process as transformational, and providing a critical blueprint for their growth and development.

The award remains the only one of its kind within the Middle East to actively support candidates in scaling their organisational efficiency and capacity, to better serve their communities and meet sustainability goals.


Award categories

The King Khalid Award is a platform for celebrating and accelerating social change within Saudi Arabia. We select awardees that are delivering proven impact within the following categories:

King Khalid Development Partners Award

We believe that every individual has the potential to change the world for the better. With the King Khalid Development Partners Award, we celebrate people and groups who, through their work, are making a material difference to the lives of people in Saudi Arabia.

All applicants benefit from an expert review of their social initiative, and access to specialist training to shape, improve and scale their work. Group finalists also have the opportunity to take part in the King Khalid Award’s prestigious Daim showcase, to meet with, and market their initiative to handpicked companies and potential investors.

Winners are celebrated at the prestigious King Khalid Award Gala, which is held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and receive a monetary prize.

Entries are judged by their community impact, sustainability, originality and potential for growth. The category is open to all residents of Saudi Arabia.

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King Khalid Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Organisations

The King Khalid Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Organisations recognises outstanding management practices that help nonprofits to better serve their communities and mission. The award aims to teach and encourage innovative and effective management practices, and to help cultivate a diverse network of nonprofit organisations dedicated to impactful change.

Entrants receive a free, 360-review of their management practices from our team of experts, and gain a roadmap for future growth and development. They also gain access to our capacity-building workshops, to further refine and develop their management expertise. Candidates are also encouraged to join our community of leading nonprofits, where they can benefit from networking with inspiring and effective peer organisations, and learn from industry best practices.

Winners receive a monetary prize, and are celebrated at the prestigious King Khalid Award Gala, which is held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

This category is open to all nonprofit organisations registered with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Development for at least three years.

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King Khalid Sustainability Award

The King Khalid Sustainability Award honours inspiring enterprises that have taken sustainability to the heart of their business model, and used it to unlock economic growth.

The award recognises enterprises that have created a competitive advantage through the innovative use of sustainable business practices and, in doing so, have helped spur Saudi Arabia’s social, economic or environmental progress.

Entrants benefit from a detailed evaluation of their sustainability initiatives, scored to reflect how their core business is meeting social, environmental economic challenges. The scoring reflects global best practices, and is a sophisticated, objective analysis of each company’s sustainability status, which can be used to drive ongoing development.

Entrants also have the opportunity to join ongoing training session and workshops, to share insights with their peers, and to learn from best practices in sustainable development. Our goal is to support companies in gaining a competitive edge through sustainability, and to power their economic growth and that of the wider kingdom.

Winners are celebrated at the King Khalid Award Gala, which is held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

This category is open to all private and semi-private enterprises operating within Saudi Arabia, regardless of sector or industry.

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