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Together for sustainable impact

We believe in an equal Saudi society, where every individual has access to opportunity and is free to reach their full potential. We believe that achieving this means bringing together key actors – individuals, nonprofits, business, government partners and others – to collectively work towards delivering lasting social change.

Our vision and mission

We seek out the people, nonprofits, companies and initiatives that share our vision of equality, and equip them with the tools, knowledge and expertise they need to solve complex social problems at scale. Through our advocacy work, we build support for policies that tackle the root causes of exclusion, and empower vulnerable communities. Through collaboration and investment in the nonprofit sector, we focus on creating a powerful ecosystem of impactful organisations, able to spark change from the ground up.

Our vision is of a thriving Saudi Arabia, driven by sustainable development, and supported by an active and empowered society.

We welcome your help in achieving this.

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