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Shaping the future

We collaborate to deliver impactful sustainability programmes and support the growth of responsible business practices

We believe that sustainable business is good business. We believe that when communities thrive, so too do the companies that operate within them.

We are trusted by some of Saudi Arabia’s leading companies to design sound sustainability projects that deliver tangible environmental and social outcomes. We use our skills to help organisations employ responsible business practices that actively add value – both to their business model, and to the wider community. Through collaboration, we work to generate economic growth that benefits everyone, in support of a more inclusive future.

At King Khalid Foundation, we have the expertise and technical skill to help companies build roadmaps to sustainability. Through the King Khalid Award, we have set the standard for responsible business practices, and supported companies of all sizes, in all sectors, to achieve them. An engagement with us represents an opportunity to unlock new growth, to deliver impact at scale, and to ready your business for the future.

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