Our strategy

Together for sustainable impact

How we work

Our strategy begins with people, and the belief that every individual deserves access to opportunity and the freedom to thrive.

It is rooted in a vision of a vibrant Saudi Arabia, where empowered stakeholders work together for wider social and economic good.

It is delivered through systems change, and the understanding that only by solving the root causes of social and economic exclusion, can we create lasting change.

Our strategy is built upon honesty and accountability, and a deep belief in the power of collective impact. It demands the ability to look at problems in new ways, and to recognise the opportunity for change.

It requires ambition, optimism, and resilience in the face of complex challenges. It is the willingness to strive for better outcomes and impact, and to turn ideas into action.

It is having the courage to try, and to fail - and then to adapt and try again.

Our strategy represents our commitment to Saudi Arabia, and our contribution to building a bright future for all its residents.