As of 2022, the Board of Trustees of the King Khalid Foundation has agreed to shift the timeline of its King Khalid Awards, which have been running annually for over thirteen years, to a two-year application cycle.

Mr. Saud Al-Shammari, the Secretary General of the King Khalid Award, indicated that the decision has been made based on the recommendations of the esteemed committee of the King Khalid Foundation Board of Trustees, as well as the findings of various studies and independent recommendations.

Mr. Saud Al-Shammari emphasizes that, since its launch thirteen years ago, the Award maintains the objective to maximize its social and environmental impact by supporting social initiative founders, non-profit institutions, and private sector organizations. The Award aims to improve organizational capacity, capabilities and performance, and to empower organizations to increase the impacts of their efforts in a way that serves the community with sustainable solutions.

According to Mr. Saud, the change to a two-year cycle has been made to allow adequate time for participants to review feedback and implement the recommendations provided to them at the end of each Award cycle. In addition, KKF will be investing in building participants' capabilities and skills between Award cycles by providing intensive training programs designed to suit all target segments, in alignment with the KKA criteria.